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Lord of the Rings Games Workshop Wood Elf Warriors Lord of the Rings Games Workshop Wood Elf Warriors

East of Lorien, across the great river Anduin is the dark forest of Mirkwood. It is home to all manner of evil creatures, not least amongst these is Sauron the Necromancer. However, light still penetrates this dark realm. The woodelves of Thranduil's Halls fight ceaselessly to drive the forces of evil from their ancestral home.

About the Army
The rules for a force from Thranduil's Halls are found in The Fall of the Necromancer supplement. It is one of the few elven armies that have been completely released. It is an elite army that focuses on manipulating the enemy's forces with special powers.

The main reason to choose Thranduil is his ability to cast Aura of Dismay. This can keep your force from being swamped by a horde of orcs. In all other respects you would be better off choosing Legolas.

Legolas is the master of the bow. He should be given an elven cloak and armor. Use his deadly shot ability to pick off key enemy characters like Harad Chieftain's commanding mumakils.

As Elves are so expensive, Wood Elf Captains are used in lieu of other heroes to keep points costs down. I generally equip him with a wood elf spear and an elven cloak.

Wood Elf Warriors form the core of your force. Selecting the right equipment can be quite tricky. One option is to arm the warriors with spears. Another inexpensive option is to give them elven bows. Some can be given spears and throwing daggers. Others can be given elven cloaks in addition the their normal equipment. I have found that the best use of elven cloaks is on archers.

Wood Elf Sentinels are unique to Thranduil's Halls. They are the good version of Marsh Spectres. In addition to being able to hypnotize enemy warriors and scare them away, they can also assist other troops in passing courage tests. Use them to lure in unsuspecting orcs, and then surround them. They are especially powerful if combined with Galadriel.

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