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To the South of the Bay of Belfalas are the Havens of Umbar. They are populated by a mixture of Haradrim and Corsairs. These fierce warriors trust no one, and their true agenda is not known.

About the Army
The rules for an Umbar army are found in the Harad supplement. The forces of Umbar consist of Corsairs and Haradrim warriors. They lack cavalry, and heavy armor. Their strength is in their number and high fight value.

The Troops
Corsair Captains are the leaders of your force. Their high fight value, might, and armor make them indispensable in an Umbar force.

Corsair Bo'suns are not as powerful as captains. However, they act as banners which can be very useful with high fight troops.

Haradrim Chieftains are the only troops in an Umbar force that can be mounted. This alone makes them worth taking, as it allows you to move them where the might is needed, and to intercept dangerous models.

The Hasharin are not the most effective assassins in the world. I prefer to spend the points on Chieftains and troops.

Corsairs of Umbar lack even the most rudementary armor. However, they are fierce fighters. Make sure that you give them shields, so that they can protect themselves in combats where they are at a disadvantage.

Haradrim Warriors form the core of your army. Some should be taken without any upgrades to save on points. Others should be given a spear so that they can support the Corsairs.

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