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War of the Ring is Games Workshop's game of mass battles in Middle Earth. If you like to field enormous armies then this is the game for you. It is truly impressive to see hundreds of Uruk-hai in formation assaulting the walls of Helm's Deep.

Now some of you may be thinking that big games take a long time to play. This is certainly true for most game systems. However, War of the Ring is designed to play quickly even with lots of models. Unlike, the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game in which each individual figure can act independently, in War of the Ring figures are grouped into companies that function as a single unit. Thus you do not have to spend time moving and attacking with each figure. Further, the combat system has been streamlined so that a single roll is made to hit and wound. This allows you to field dozens of figures efficiently, so a 1,000 point game can be played in less than an hour.

Getting Started
The first step is to choose one of the nine factions from which to make your army.
  1. Gondor and Arnor
  2. The Kingdom of Rohan
  3. The Elven Kingdoms
  4. The Dwarf Holds
  5. Mordor
  6. The Fortress of Isengard
  7. The Misty Mountains
  8. The Fallen Realms
  9. Angmar

Gondor and Arnor
If you like knights, then this is the army for you. Both the Minas Tirith Knights and Knights of Dol Amroth are superb. Their pikemen provide a good defence against cavalry. The Rangers of Arnor provide archery support and the Warriors of the Dead round out the force. Gondor is also blessed with plenty of artillery to soften up the enemy. Lastly, the heros of Gondor are legendary. Their ranks include Aragorn, Boromir, Elendil, and Isuldur.

The Kingdom of Rohan
As you would expect Rohan has plenty of cavalry. The Royal Knights and Son's of Eorl are the heavy hitters. Other units like the Outriders and Riders of Rohan are used to outflank the enemy and pick at them with bows. Rohan also has inexpensive troops, allowing you to build massive armies.

The Elven Kingdoms
The elves are elite troops. Their skill in battle is legendary and they terrify the enemy. They have long range bows and have a high fight value. Unlike the other forces of good, they can upgrade some companies to include mages.

The Dwarf Holds
The Dwarves are stronger than other troops, and also have high defence and fight values. This in envaluable and really helps win combat. They also have artillery. However, they are slower than most troops and do not have cavalry.

The armies of Mordor include a wide variety of troops from cheap orcs to strong Mordor Uruk-hai. The force also includes Trolls and artillery. Its capstone is mighty villains. These include Sauron, The Witch King, and Gothmog.

The Fortress of Isengard
The Uruk-hai are an elite force. Few units are as destructive as Uruk-hai Sappers and Berserkers. These expensive units are counterbalanced with cheap units like Sharkey's Ruffians.

The Misty Mountains
They are home to hordes of Goblins and monsters like the Dragon and Balrog. Unlike the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game, Goblins are fast moving. They have a very limited selection of leaders.

The Fallen Realms
Unlike the other forces of evil, the Fallen Realms do not have cheap troops. Easterlings are tough and have a high fight value. Half Trolls tear units to bits and can absorb plenty of damage. Then there the Khandish Chariots and Mumaks.

This is the anti-elite force. It has spirits who can wound well defended models with ease. It also has Court of the Fallen Kings which ignors a model's resiliance. Shades reduce the fight value of nearby troops, and Spectres can reduce an enemy unit's strength. The force is rounded out with cheap orcs and monsters like Burdur and Gulavhar.

Once you have chosen a force you need to choose a leader and common formation. Every army must be led by an Epic Hero or a Legendary Formation. The following pages give advice about each army.
  • Gondor and Arnor
  • The Kingdom of Rohan
  • The Elven Kingdoms
  • The Dwarf Holds
  • Mordor
  • The Fortress of Isengard
  • The Misty Mountains
  • The Fallen Realms
  • Angmar

  • As with most Games Workshop products, War of the Ring is not a balanced game. Some units are better than others, even when taking into account their points costs. I am sure that all of you want to know what the 'best' units and combos are. The Counselor rule is one of the most powerful abilities in the game. By taking several counselors such as Gandalf, Galadriel, and Dain you can obtain as much might as you need. If you combine this with Radagast you can create a unit that cannot be charged. An ideal unit would be Wood Elf Archers.

    Shooting is very powerful. Cheap archers such as Ruffians and Hobbits are very good, as are skilled ones like Wood Elves. The Wood Elves also benefit from elven cloaks, so your opponent may not be able to shoot back at them. Artillery is also very good. Mordor Siege Bow Batteries, Avenger Bolt Throwers, and Dwarf Ballistas are all outstanding.

    All of the mages are very good. As one would expect Gandalf, Galadriel, The Necromancer, Saruman, and Ring Wraiths are all very powerful. Even the Balrog has magic, not that he needs it. The Dwimmerlaik, Khamul, and The Shadow Lord are very important in every evil army. Magic combos include Black Breath ( or Sunder Spirit) and Visions of Woe. Blessing of the Valar is outstanding.

    There are also combinations that allow you to get infinite attacks. These involve using the Epic Rampage special ability of Dain or Gimli from Dwarf Holds. This allows you to make another attack if you hit. This is combined with Aragorn's or Elendil's ability to give a company a bonus to hit. Dark Fury can also be used but it not truly infinite.

    Lastly Monsters and Flying Monsters are great. The Balrog, Dragons, Fellbeasts, Ents, and Eagles are all very powerful. The Swoop Attacks of Fell Beasts and Eagles can cut a horde army down to size.

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