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Khandish King on Chariot
Lord of the Rings Games Workshop Khandish King on Chariot

Choosing a Leader
Epic Heroes

Legendary Formation

Amdur, Lord of Blades is a real killer. I would take him in any army.

Dalamyr, Fleetmaster of Umbar is great. Flashpowder and Caltrops are even better than pikes.

Queen Beruthiel is a good magic user. Further, Her spirit Grasp power can help your unit win combat. Just keep her away from enemy heroes.

Suladan is very much like the heroes of Rohan. He is good, but not my first choice of character.

The Abrakhan Guard are overpriced.

Khamul is one of the best Ringwraiths. The Shadow Lord is also very useful to keep your units from being shot to bits.

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  • The Kingdom of Rohan
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