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Choosing a leader.
The following is a list of Epic Heros of Gondor.

The following is a list of Legendary Formations of Gondor.

High King Elendil and Aragorn are both killing machines. Aragorn is by far the better value. His Epic Journey power is very useful.

Boromir is a fairly expensive hero, but has tons of abilities. Further he has plenty of might to use them. If you already have Aragorn and want another name hero then Boromir is the one for you.

Isuldur is a value priced hero. Prince Imrahil has similar abilities but is much more expensive.

Faramir is an inexpensive hero with lots of might. Peregrin Took is also inexpensive. He is best used with Faramir.

The Blackroot Vale Archers are a great value. They are less expensive than regular Rangers and have Ambush. They are superior to the Rangers of Ithilien, which can serve a similar role.

They Grey Company is very powerful. They can soften up the enemy with arrows, and then strike at the same time as cavalry in combat. They are quite deadly in combat thanks to their high strength, and the Banner of the King makes them even more skilled in combat.

The Dunedain are a good unit. Their main advantage over regular rangers is their longbows. They do have higher strength, but Dunedain will die if they get in combat, so it is not a particularly useful ability.

The Court of the Dead King is a very good unit. Although the King is fairly expensive for his abilities, the Warriors of the Dead units are far less expensive than they would be ordinarily. His Shadowstride ability allows his formation to get behind the enemy.

The Osgiliath Veterans have a good balance of strong offence and defence. However, they will not be able to take on the really heavy hitters like Bezerkers or Half Trolls. They are far superior to Denethor's Guard.

The main attraction of the Royal Guard of Arnor is Malbeth's The Gift of Foresight ability. You will find that Malbeth will get killed in duels, and the extra points for the unit are better spent on more troops.

Wardens of the Keys are very tough, especially when coupled with a character that has Epic Defence. However, they are so expensive that they are just not the best use of points.

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