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Mines of Moria Boxed Set
Lord of the Rings Games Workshop Mines of Moria Boxed Set

Choosing a Leader
Epic Heroes

Well there are not really many choices. Durburz is inexpensive and has lots of might. Druzhag's ability to create troops is very useful. I almost always take Druzhag, as his magic is also quite potent. If I am playing with lots of Goblins I also take Durburz becuase of his higher courage and his Inspiring Leader ability. You don't need many heroes. Save on points and take lots of gobbos and monsters.
  • Gondor and Arnor
  • The Kingdom of Rohan
  • The Elven Kingdoms
  • The Dwarf Holds
  • Mordor
  • The Fortress of Isengard
  • The Misty Mountains
  • The Fallen Realms
  • Angmar

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