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Lords of Light were produced by PAC toys Inc. in the early 80s. Many of the figures were cast using the same molds used for the Micronauts aliens.


Lords of Light
  • Lord Luma
  • Prince Futurion
  • Leborio
  • Equestrian (Centaurus)

  • Emperor Dementia
  • Nepos (Kronos)
  • Topen (Lobros limbs with Kronos torso)
  • Toriac (Antron head and Repto wings)

  • C.A.P. Con 1 (Carrio embedded in a mountain)
  • Cosmic Raider
  • Electro torque all Terrain Vehicle
  • Hyper Flight (Solarian)
  • Searcher (Part Battle Cruiser, part Star Defender)

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