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Well it was really sad going back and checking the links. So few of the great old sites are still up. An Online Toy store in the UK with lots of TV and Film memorabilia! Your online source for action figure news and collector interaction. Collect it because it's cool! Sign up for our FREE email newsletter and message forums. An Online Toy store with a selection of unusual items at great prices! A site devoted entirely to Kenner Toys! Links to many other great toy sites. Sadly this site has disappeared from cyberspace. The first Ring Raiders site on the net! A directory of toy related sites on the net. It is organized categorically and alphabetically. It also has articles about toys. A very good site dedicated to Mighty Max. A very comprehensive site dedicated to Polly Pocket toys. A new site featuring info about cartoons and toys from the 80s. Has some Exo Squad, M.A.S.K. and other toys for sale. Techno Fantasy ToysA great place to buy toys from the 80s. Lots of obscure stuff you can't find other places. seaQuest DSV Costume Museum A site with pics and info about the costumes from the show.'s Toy Archive A Huge Toy Archive with lots of obscure toys from the 80s and 90s. Boulder Hill H.Q. Another great M.A.S.K. site! Info on everything from the Cartoons to the Comics. Another site lost to geocities.

  • 80s Archives A great site featuring pics and info about toys from the 80s. Another great site is gone.

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