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Magnamorphs is an underappreciated series of creatures and figures with micronaut like magnetic joints. The latter half of their name comes from the fact that you can remove the limbs of the creatures and combine with any other figure in the series. Wild Republic, the creators of Magnamorphs, states that there are more than 370,000,000 combinations. Best yet the series features good sculpts and paint jobs.

Incomplete checklist
  • Africa Set with Gorilla, Lion, and Giraffe
  • Africa Set 2 with Zeebra, Elephant, and Warthog
  • Aquatic Set with Shark, Walrus, and Penguin
  • Aquatic Set 2 with Octopus, Dolphin, and Killer Whale
  • Asian Set with Snow Leopard, Red Panda, and Tiger
  • Australian Set with Emu, Kangaroo, and Thorny Devil
  • Butterfly Set
  • Dinosaur Set with Triceratops, T-Rex, and Diplodocus Skeleton
  • Dinosaur Set with Triceratops Skeleton, Pteradon, and Stegosaurus
  • Dinosaur Set with Raptor, Diplodocus, and T-Rex Skeleton
  • Dragon
  • Egyptian Deity Set
  • Florida Animal Set with Gator, Flamingo, and Dolphin
  • Insect Set with Spider, Bee, and Praying Mantis
  • Knights Set (King and Archer) or (Mounted Knight and Knight on Foot)
  • North America Set with Eagle, Bear, and Aligator
  • Sea Lion
  • Soldiers Set (two Knights)
  • South America Set with Jaguar, Toucan, and Squirrel Monkey
  • White Horse for Knights

Many of the items in the sets are available seperately or in two packs. Some sets are available in glow in the dark.

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