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These toys were made by Playskool in 2003. They are a whole lot of fun. The figures feature a magnet in their hands that activates features on the vehicles. Both the figures and vehicles are very sturdy and stand to up the heaviest backyard combat. Unfortunately, the series has had a poor reception in stores, as the peacenik moms did not buy them for their kids. The line was prematurely canceled and several items were not produced. Two unproduced figures are pictured on the back of the Sonic Hover Jet's box. Help rescue this line from the discount shelves.

Major Powers

Sergeant Powerhouse Walker

Captain Jumpjet Flier

Powderkeg Rumble

Fire Fighting Major Powers

Major Powers with Powerlink Rocket Pack

Powerhouse Walker with Power Link Drill Pack

Star Squad Adventure Boat

Star Squad Adventure Boat Back of Box


Helicopter Back of Box

Ultimate All-Terrain Cruiser

Ultimate All-Terrain Cruiser Back of Box

Sonic Hover Jet

Sonic Hover Jet Back of Box

Adventure Motorcycle

Adventure Motorcycle Back of Box

Star Fortress Headquarters

Star Fortress Headquarters Back of Box

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