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Marvel Superheroes RPG tsr boxed set

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Marvel Superheroes RPG tsr boxed set contents

With the success of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, T.S.R. obtained the license to produce a role playing game based on Marvel Comics. In 1984 they published Marvel Superheroes, which sometimes abbreviated mshrpg. The game system has seven attributes; fighting, agility, strength, endurance, reason, intuition, and psyche. It has been dubbed the faserip system, which is an acronym based on the attributes. It was followed up in 1986 by Marvel Superheroes Advanced Game. In the late 90s T.S.R. published a new RPG based on the Marvel Universe called Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game. Unlike the previous version it was a card based game. In 2003 Marvel produced their own RPG called Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game.

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