Virtual Toy Chest's
Marvel Super Heroes Archive

These toys were made by Toy Biz in 1990-94. They are of course based on the comic legend.

Series 1

Captain America

The Amazing Spider Man (suction cup hands)

Dare Devil

The Incredible Hulk

The Silver Surfer

The Punnisher (cap firing)

Dr. Doom

Dr. Octopus

Training Center

Training Center

Capt. America's Turbo Coup

Spider Man Dragster

Series 2

Spider Man (web shooting)

Spider Man (web climbing)

Iron Man


The Punnisher (wind up)

The Punnisher (wind up)

Green Goblin



Attack Tower

Punnisher Van

Punnisher Van

Hulk Rage Cage

Series 3

Mr. Fantastic

Invisible Woman

The Thing

Human Torch

Spider Man (Web Tracer)

Spider Man (Multi Jointed)

Silver Surfer (chrome)


Venom (Flicking Tongue)


Series 4

U.S. Agent

Dare Devil (Black Outfit)

Punisher with Trenchcoat

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