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Major Matt Mason Archive

Mattel released Major Matt Mason in 1967, right in the thick of the space race. He was Mattel's man in space.

  • Major Matt Mason with Cat Trac
  • Major Matt Mason with Flight Set
  • Major Matt Mason with Moon Suit
  • Major Matt Mason with Space Power Suit
  • Talking Major Matt Mason
  • Capt. Lazer
  • Doug Davis with Cat Trac
  • Jeff Long with Cat Trac
  • Sgt. Storm with Cat Trac
  • Sgt. Storm with Space Sled and Jet Pack
  • Callisto with Low Boots (Yellow Card)
  • Callisto with High Boots (Green Card)
  • Scorpio
  • Space Mission Team
  • Moon Suit Pak
  • Reconojet Pak
  • Rocket Launch Pak
  • Satellite Launch Pak
  • Space Power Suit Pak
  • Space Probe Pak
  • Space Shelter Pak
  • Space Travel Pak
  • Supernaut Power-Limbs Pak
  • Gamma Ray-Gard
  • Super Power Set
  • Space Crawler
  • Space Crawler with Matt Mason
  • Astro Trac
  • Space Bubble
  • Uni-Tred Space Hauler
  • Uni-Tred and Space Bubble
  • Firebolt Space Cannon
  • Firebolt Action Set
  • Firebolt Super Set
  • Mobile Launch Pad
  • Star Seeker
  • Orbitor with OR
  • XRG-1 Reentry Glider
  • XRG-1 Reentry Glider with Matt Mason
  • MA 1895
  • Space Station
  • Space Station and Crawler
  • Space Discovery Set
  • Lunar Base Command
  • Astro Trac Missile Convoy Set
  • Talking Command Console
  • Rocket Ship Case
  • Satellite Locker
  • 56" Major Matt display figure

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