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Max Steel Archive

Mission Baja Battle

Super Agent Max Steel

MX16 Hydro Jet


Mission Kilimanjaro Combat

Mountain Attack Max Steel

Mountain Attack Max Steel: back of card

MX25 Attack Jet


Mission Aerial Attack

Sky Strike Max Steel

MX25 Attack Jet

MX25 Attack Jet: back of box


Mission Urban Siege

N-Tek Force Max Steel

MX48 Turbo

MX48 Turbo: back of box


Mission Aqua Patrol

Surf Attack Max Steel

Combat Diver Max Steel

MX16 Hydro Jet


Mission Amazon X-pedition Adventure

Panther Claw Max Steel

Jungle Assault Max Steel

Psycho 2

Mission Arctic Rescue Adventure

Arctic Agent Max Steel

Ski Strike Max Steel

Arctic Commando Max Steel

MX67 Arctic Stormer

Psycho 2

Mission Cave Raider Adventure

Python Fighter Max Steel

Cave Raider Max Steel

Cave Raider Max Steel: back of card

MX250 Moto Blaster

MX77 Sharkruiser


Mission Typhoon Rescue Adventure

Tornado Chaser Max Steel

Tornado Chaser Max Steel: back of card

Typhoon Rescue Max Steel

Typhoon Rescue Max Steel: back of card

MX77 Sharkruiser


Mission Track and Attack Adventure

Track and Attack Max Steel

Track and Attack Max Steel: back of box

Psycho 2

Mission Amazon Attack Adventure

Amazon Blaster Max Steel

MX18 Amazon Raider

Bio Constrictor

Mission Urban Siege Adventure

Urban Agent Max Steel

Going Turbo Max Steel

X-Ray Agent Max Steel

X-Ray Agent Max Steel: back of card

MX99 Heli-Jet

MX99 Heli-Jet: back of box


Vitriol: back of card

Mission Extreme Sports Adventure

Aqua Attack Max Steel and MX7 Wave Skimmer

Jet Skater Max Steel

Kick Boxing Max Steel

Jeremy McGrath

Battle Luge

MX33 Wind Raider

Psycho 3

Mission Snake Island adventure

Dive Force Max Steel

N-Tek Ranger Max Steel

Crossbow Commando Max Steel

Wave Storm vehicle

Wave Storm vehicle: Back of Box

Bio-Constrictor 2

Mission Combat Arena adventure

Mega Flex Max Steel

Wave flier Max Steel

Samurai Warrior Max Steel

Mission Max Racing

Go Kart Racer Max Steel

Skyfire Go Kart

Psycho 3

Mission Extreme Sports

Rocket Blading Max Steel

Skate Boarding Max Steel

Mountain Climbing Max Steel

Moto Attack Max Steel

Latest Releases

Aero Ski

Aero Ski: Back of Box

Robo Kick Max Steel

Robo Kick Max Steel: Back of Box

Speed Boat

Speed Boat: Back of Box

Police Man

Fire Man

Water Squirting Bio Constrictor

Action Packs

Combat Diver

Secret Commando

Cave Raider

Typhoon Rescue

Urban Siege

Amazon Attack


Combat Diver

Secret Commando

Arctic Commando

Ninja Fighter

N-Tek Gear

N-Tek Explosives pack

N-Tek Emergency pack

Secret Attack Gear

Boom Box




Adventure Gear

Urban Siege

Amazon Attack

Adventure Gear and Weapons

Aquajet Agent

Master Climber

Attack Camp

Weapons Center

Mission Packs

Sky Glider

Tornado Explorer

Canyon Raider

Claw Climber

Other Releases

Blade Patrol Max Steel

MX4 Rocket Cycle

Night Combat Max Steel

Ninja Fighter Max Steel

Arctic X-plorer vehicle

Snow Boarding Max Steel

MX4 Bicycle

MX250 Moto-Cross

MX9 N-Tek Cycle

Psycho Combat Cycle

Special Ops Max Steel

Electro-Eel Attack

Electro-Eel Attack: back of box


Rota-Grip: back of box

Cyber Samurai Max Steel

Super Punch Max Steel

Slash Action Max Steel with Boomerang

ZipLine Max Steel

Tornado Explorer

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