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Kotobukiya produced at least six series of coin trading figures based on Megami Tensei. They feature various gods from cultures around the world. Each series includes six figures and one secret character.

The first series of figures includes a cat woman, pumpkin and ghost, maid, harpy, demon with wings, devil in armor, and vampire.

A second series includes a bat girl in white leotard, a knight in silver armor, a blue elephant, a bust of an insect, an orange angel with spear, a kneeling monster.

Woman with four arms and whip, minotaur with red cape, blindfolded flying angel, fairy with blue outfit, male and female twins, wolf with mane.

A fourth series includes king frost the snowman, girl with lotus, pink angel warrior, silver and orange knight, lamia the snake woman, kerberos the wolf, a red samurai.

A fifth series of Nocturne figures includes Ghosts and flying chair, demon on toilet, warrior with horned sword, female angel warrior, horned woman sitting on pedestal, and multi armed blue warrior.

A sixth series includes thor, winged man on snake, dancing woman, blue fairy, blue devil with spear, and hairy green goblin.

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