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Men of Medal were made by Mattel in the late 80s. Each 2" figure came with a medal which could be used as a carrying case. Most figures also came with a removable back pack and gun.


  • "Beachbum" Aldrete
  • ""Boom-Boom" Hailey
  • "Cool Hand" Russo
  • "Cross-Hairs" Peterman
  • Don "The Man" Larkin
  • "Hair-Trigger" Hamilton
  • "Hawkeye" Hollister
  • Jim "Bam-Bam" Briggs
  • John "FlyBoy" Moody
  • Kyle "The Kid" Wise
  • "Machine gun" Traub
  • "Nitro" Bomber
  • Penn "Piranha" Jones
  • "Snake" Sniper
  • "Thunderclap" West
  • "The Mole" Spy
  • "The Shark" Scharr
  • "Quick Chop" Judo Man
  • Armored Transport

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