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R/C Microsizers

R/C Microsizers Sport Honda S2000

R/C Microsizers Pro Nissan Skyline GT-R

These cars are distributed by Hobbico. They are made by Tomy of Japan and sold under the name Bit Char-G. They are radio controlled and highly customizable. Various motors, gears, wheels, and shocks are available.


Toyota MR-S

Special IR Booster

DigiPROPO Special Controller

These cars were designed by Takara and Konami of Japan. They are infra red controlled (MicroIR). IR has the disadvantage of the need for line of sight. It also seems to respond slower than R/C. However IR has the ability to use many signals. This allows you to race with up to four friends at a time. These are the highest powered, fastest, and longest running micro rc cars on the market. They also have an on/off switch that allows you to have multiple cars charged and at peak performance.

Motor Works

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