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Monty Python Archive

Sideshow produced 12" figures from The Holy Grail.


Regular and Muddy Versiosn
  • King Arthur
  • Sir Robin
  • Sir Galahad
  • Sir Bedevere
  • Sir Launcelot

Other figures
  • Patsy
  • Prince Herbert
  • Knight of Ni
  • Black Knight
  • Dead Collector
  • Tim the Enchanter
  • The French Taunter
  • The Bridge Keeper
  • The King of the Swamp Castle
  • Cow Catapult

  • Grim Reaper Plush
  • Killer Sheep Plush
  • Large Plush Killer Rabbit with Pointy Teeth
  • Small Plush Killer Rabbit with Pointy Teeth
  • Holy Handgrenade Plush
  • Holy Grail Plush
  • 'Sleeping' Parrot Plush
  • Penguin for your Television Plush

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