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Enter a world of adventure and deception where illusion is the ultimate weapon. New technology has led to the development of vehicles that can transform from ordinary looking cars and planes into advanced combat vehicles. Hi-tech helmets have also been developed each having a special power. Miles Mayhem and his Viscious Evil Network of Mayhem plan to use this new technology for evil. Join Matt Tracker and the agents of the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand on their quest to stop the V.E.N.O.M.

These toys were made by Kenner from 1986 through 1988.

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M.A.S.K. series 1 (1985)

Rhino: Tractor Rig Mode Rhino: Mobile Defense Unit Mode Matt Tracker and Ultra Flash Mask, and Bruce Sato and Lifter Mask
Rhino Box Front Rhino Box Back Rhino Box Top Rhino Box Bottom Rhino Box Right Side Rhino Box Left Side

Thunderhawk Page
Thunderhawk: Camaro Mode Thunderhawk: Jet Mode Matt Tracker and Spectrum Mask

Gator Page
Gator: Jeep Mode Gator: Boat Mode Dusty Hayes and Backlash Mask

Condor Page
Condor: Motorcycle Mode Condor: Helicopter Mode Brad Turner and Hocus Pocus Mask

Boulder Hill
Boulder Hill: Gas Station Mode: Front Boulder Hill: Gas Station Mode: Back Boulder Hill: Gas Station Mode: Right Side Boulder Hill: Gas Station Mode: Left Side
Boulder Hill: Armored Base Mode: Front Boulder Hill: Armored Base Mode: Left Front Boulder Hill: Alex Sector, Jackrabbit Mask, Jail, and Gas Line Boulder Hill: Buddy Hawks and Penetrator Mask

V.E.N.O.M. series 1 (1985)

Switchblade Page
Switchblade: Helicopter Mode Switchblade: Jet Mode Miles Mayhem and Viper Mask

Jackhammer Page
Jackhammer: Bronco Mode Jackhammer: Armored Car Mode Cliff Dagger and Torch Mask

Piranha Page
Piranha: Morotcycle Mode Piranha: Submarine Mode Sly Rax and Stiletto Mask

M.A.S.K. series 2 (1986)

Volcano Page
Volcano: Monster Van Mode Volcano: Assault Mode Matt Tracker and Lava Shot Mask, and Jaques Lafleur and Miraj Mask

Slingshot Page
Slingshot: R.V. Mode Slingshot: Jet Mode Ace Riker and Ricochet Mask

Firecracker Page
Firecracker: Truck Mode Firecracker: Attack Mode Hondo MacLean and Blaster Mask

Hurricane Page
Hurricane: 57 Chevy Mode Hurricane: Tank Mode Hondo MacLean and Blaster II Mask

Raven Page
Raven: Corvette Mode Raven: Hover Mode Calhoun Burns and Gulliver Mask

Firefly Page
Firefly: Dune Buggy Mode Firefly: Plane Mode Julio Lopez and Streamer Mask

Outlaw Page
Outlaw: Oil Tanker Mode Outlaw: Mobile HQ Mode Miles Mayhem and Python Mask and Nash Gorey and Powerhouse Mask
Outlaw Box Front Outlaw Box Back Outlaw Box Top Outlaw Box Bottom Outlaw Box Right Side Outlaw Box Left Side

Stinger Page
Stinger: G.T.O. Mode Stinger: Tank Mode Bruno Sheppard and Magna-Beam Mask

Vampire Page
Vampire: Motorcycle Mode Vampire: Jet Mode Floyd Malloy and Buckshot Mask

M.A.S.K. Racing

Goliath Page
Goliath: Tow Truck Mode Goliath: Missile Launcher Mode Matt Tracker and Shroud Mask and Nevada Rushmore and Totem Mask

Golaith 2
Goliath: Formula 1 Mode Goliath: Jet Mode

Billboard Blast Page
Billboard Blast: Billboard Mode Right Side Billboard Blast: Billboard Mode Left Side Billboard Blast: Missle Platform Mode Dusty Hayes and Vacuum Mask

Bulldog Page
Bulldog: Rig Mode Bulldog: Tank Mode Boris Bushkin and Comrade Mask

Bullet Page
Bullet: Motorcycle Mode Bullet: Hover Jet Mode Ali Bombay and Vortex Mask

Razorback Page
Razorback: Stock Car Mode Razorback: Tank Mode Brad Turner and Eclipse Mask

Meteor Page
Meteor: Jet Mode Meteor: Missile Launcher Mode Ace Riker and Cruise Control Mask

The Collector Page
The Collector: Toll Booth Mode The Collector: Mobile Base Mode Alex Sector and Disruptor Mask
The Collector Box Front The Collector Box Back The Collector Box Top The Collector Box Bottom The Collector Box Right Side The Collector Box Left Side

Wildcat Page
Wildcat: Tow Truck Mode Wildcat: Attack Mode Buddy Hawks and Ditcher Mask

V.E.N.O.M. Racing

Buzzard Page
Buzzard: Indy Car Mode Buzzard: Jet Mode Miles Mayhem and Flexor Mask and Maximus Mayhem and Deep Freeze Mask

Manta Page
Manta: Mazda 300ZX Mode Manta: Jet Mode Vanessa Warfield and Whip Mask

Iguana: A.T.V. Mode Iguana: Buzz Saw Mode Lester Sledge and Mudslinger Mask
Iguana Box Front Iguana Box Back Iguana Box Top Iguana Box Bottom Iguana Box Right Side Iguana Box Left Side

Pit Stop Catapult Page
Pitstop Catapult: Pit Stop Mode Pitstop Catapult: Attack Mode Sly Rax and Sawblade Mask
Pitstop Catapult Box Front Pitstop Catapult Box Back Pitstop Catapult Box Top Pitstop Catapult Box Bottom Pitstop Catapult Box Right Side Pitstop Catapult Box Left Side

M.A.S.K. Split-Seconds

Skybolt Page
Skybolt: Jet Mode Skybolt: Rocket Car Mode Skybolt: Jet Mode Matt Tracker and Starbolt Mask and Clone

Fireforce: Pontiac Fiero Mode Fireforce: Jet and Motorcycle Mode Julio Lopez and New Streamer Mask and Clone
FireForce Box Front FireForce Box Top FireForce Box Side

Stiletto Page
Stiletto: Lambroghini Countach Mode Stiletto: Raid Plane and Attack Chopper Mode Gloria Baker and Collider Mask and Clone
Stiletto Box Front Stiletto Box Back Stiletto Box Top Stiletto Box Bottom Stiletto Box Left Side Stiletto Box Right Side

Detonator Page
Detonator: Volkswagon Mode Detonator: Hover Mode Detonator: A.T.V. Mode Jaques LaFleur and New Maraj Mask and Clone

Afterburner Page
Afterburner: Dragster Mode Afterburner: Jet Mode Afterburner: Missile Launcher Mode Dusty Hayes and New Backlash Mask
Afterburner Box Front Afterburner Box Top Afterburner Box Side

Dynamo Page
Dynamo: Dune Buggy Mode Dynamo: Helicopter and Buggy Mode Bruce Sato and New Lifter Mask and Clone

V.E.N.O.M. Split-Seconds

Wolfbeast Page
Wolfbeast: Corvette Stingray Mode Wolfbeast: Jet Mode Wolfbeast: Tank Mode Miles Mayhem and New Viper Mask and Clone
Wolfbeast Box Front Wolfbeast Box Top Wolfbeast Box Side

Barricuda Page
Barricuda: Motorcycle Mode Barricuda: Jet and Motorcycle Mode Bruno Sheppard and New Magna-Beam Mask

Vandal Page
Vandal: Bobcat Mode Vandal: Jet and Car Mode Floyd Malloy and New Buckshot Mask and Clone
Vandal Box Front Vandal Box Top Vandal Box Side

Other Releases

Adventure Packs
Matt Tracker's Jungle Challenge with Arrow Mask
Jungle Challenge Prototype Card
Jungle Challenge Prototype Card Back
Bruce Sato's Rescue Mission with Grasshopper Mask
Rescue Mission Prototype Card
Rescue Mission Prototype Card Back
Matt Tracker's Coastal Patrol with Dolphin Mask
Coastal Patrol Prototype Card
Coastal Patrol Prototype Card Back
Miles Mayhem's Venom's Revenge with Ripper Mask
Venom's Revenge Prototype Card
Venom's Revenge Prototype Card Back

Adventure Packs
Jaques LaFleur's Glider Strike with Maraj Mask Calhoun Burns' Arctic Assault with Gulliver Mask Hondo MacLean's Sea Attack with Blaster II Mask Bruno Sheppard's Racing Arena with Magna-Beam Mask

Scott and T-Bob
Scott and T-Bob

Laser Command
Hornet: Crate Mode Hornet: Jet Mode Matt Tracker and Lasertron Mask
Ratfang: Suburban Mode Ratfang: Attack Mode Ratfang: Destroyed Miles Mayhem and Raynet Mask

Mug 1 Mug 2 Mug 3 Mug 4 Mug 5


Unreleased Items

Ramp Up (Maintenance ramp left side) Ramp Up (Maintenance ramp front) Ramp Up (Maintenance ramp right front) Ramp Up (Maintenance ramp right side) Ramp Up (Maintenance ramp right back)
Ramp Up (Maintenance ramp back) Ramp Up (Maintenance ramp right side: ramp extended) Ramp Up (Tank mode) Ramp Up (Tank mode: platform raised) Ramp Up (Gun Turret mode)

Thunder Ball (water tower side 1) Thunder Ball (water tower front) Thunder Ball (water tower side 2) Thunder Ball (water tower back)
Thunder Ball (gun platform front) Thunder Ball (gun platform right front) Thunder Ball (gun platform right side) Thunder Ball (gun platform right back) Thunder Ball (gun platform back) Thunder Ball (gun platform left back) Thunder Ball (gun platform left side) Thunder Ball (gun platform left front) Thunder Ball (gun platform top)
Cliff Dagger and Missle Cliff Dagger (Mask off)

Prototype Figures and Vehicles

M.A.S.K. series 1 (1985) V.E.N.O.M. series 1 (1985)

M.A.S.K. series 2 (1986)

V.E.N.O.M. series 2 (1986)

M.A.S.K. Racing

V.E.N.O.M. Racing

M.A.S.K. Split-Seconds

V.E.N.O.M. Split-Seconds

Other Releases

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