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Virtual Toy Chest's
Masters of the Universe Archive

These toys were made by Mattel from 1981-1990.

Battle Armor He-Man with Sword and Axe

Battle Armor Skeletor with Sword and Staff

Beastman with Whip

Blade with Loin Cloth and Two Swords

Blast-Attak with Red Mechano Staff and Detonator

Buzz-Off with Helmet and Axe

Buzz-Saw Hordak

Clamp Champ with Claw

Clawful with Green Mace

Dragon Blaster Skeletor with Sword and Chain

Dragstor with Ripcord

Evil-Lyn with Wand

Extendar with Fold Out Shield

Faker with Orange Sword and Robot Sticker

Fisto with Purple Sword

Flying Fists He-Man with Bola and Spinning Shield

Grizzlor with Brown Crossbow

Gwildor with Cosmic Key

He-Man with Sword, Axe, and Shield

Hordak with Cape, Bat, and Crossbow

Horde Trooper with Staff

Hurricane Hordak with Claw, Bola, and Double Sword Attachments

Jitsu with Katana

King Hiss with Shield and Serpent Staff

King Randor with Spear, Crown, and Cape

Kobra Khan with Pistol

Laser Light He-Man

Laser Light Skeletor

Leech with Crossbow

Man-At-Arms with Mace

Man-E-Faces with Pistol

Mantenna with Crossbow

Mekaneck with Club

Mer-Man with Sword

Modulok with 2 Section Gun

Mosquitor with Purple Pistol

Moss Man with Club


Ninjor with Mask, Numchuks, Katana, and Crossbow

Orko with Ripcord and Magic Trick

Prince Adam with Vest and Purple Sword

Ram Man with Axe

Rattlor with Snake Staff


Roboto with Axe, Claw, and Gun hands

Rokkon with Hex Gun

Rotar MOC

Saurod with Pistol

Scare Glow with Staff and Cape

Screeech with Perch and Armor

Skeletor with Sword and Staff

Snake Face with Dark Green Snake Staff and Shield

Snout Spout with Axe

Sorceress with Winged Staff

Spikor with Mace

Sssqueeze with Snake

Stinkor with Shield

Stonedar with Hex Gun

Stratos with Blue Wings

Sy-Klone with Shield

Teela with Staff, Shield, and Armor

Terror Claws Skeletor with Claws and Bone Snapper

Thunder-Punch He-Man with Sword and Gold Shield

Trap Jaw with Hook, Claw, and Gun

Tri-Klops with Green Sword

Tung Lashor with Snake Staff and Dragonfly Blaster


Two Bad with Shield

Webstor with Gun

Whiplash with Spear

Zoar with Perch and Armor

Zodac with Pistol

Attak Trak

Attak Trak in Stone

Battle Bones

Battle Cat

Battle Ram

Battle Ram Mosaic




Dragon Walker

Fright Fighter

Jet Sled

Land Shark

Laser Bolt



Mega Laser

Panthor with Saddle

Point Dread and Talon Fighter

Road Ripper



Stalker in Box

Stalker Box Back

Stilt Stakers


Tyrantisaurus Rex


Wind Raider

Castle Grayskull
with 2 Large Floors (one with the throne and a trap door, and the other with space for the elevator)
2 Small Floors for the Turrets
3 Cardboard cutouts
Turret Gun
Jousting Target
Weapons Rack

Eternia Box Front

Eternia Box Back

Eternia Box Top

Eternia Box Side

Eternia Box Bottom

Fright Zone

Slime Pit

Snake Mountain with
2 Shackles
2 Bridge pieces
2 Bridge Hand Rails

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