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Neon Genesis Evangelion Archive

Neon Genesis Evangelion figures were brought to the states by Xebic toys in 2000.

  • Rei Ayanami
  • Rei Ayanami in Purple Outfit
  • Transparent Rei Ayanami
  • eva-00 Blue Prototype
  • eva-00 Yellow Prototype
  • eva-00 Metallic Blue Prototype
  • eva-00 Metallic Yellow Prototype
  • eva-00 Transparent Blue Prototype
  • eva-00 Transparent Yellow Prototype
  • eva-01 Light Purple Test Type
  • eva-01 Extra Light Purple Test Type
  • eva-01 Metallic Purple Test Type
  • eva-01 Transparent Purple Test Type
  • eva-02 Red Production Model
  • eva-02 Metallic Red Production Model
  • eva-02 Transparent Red Production Model
  • eva-03 Black Production Model
  • eva-04 Silver Production Model

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