Virtual Toy Chest's
255 Computer Command Corvette Archive

This car was made by LJN in 1981. It is a replica of a 1980 Corvette with rubber tires and metalized hubcaps. It features an advanced computer control system, working headlights, and sound effects. The control panel which is located under the hood lets you program the movements of the car as well as its other features such as a horn. It has a memory of 255 commands, hence the name. Even with this limited number of commands the car can be set to run for several days before it finishes the program!

Turn on the Corvette. The tail lights will light up and it will play the rally song. Lift up the hood to access the master control panel. The available commands include Forward, Reverse, Forward Left, Forward Right, Reverse Left, Reverse Right, Stop, Light, Siren, and Horn. There is also a Repeat command that repeats the portion of the program since the previous repeat. The Clear command erases the previous command from the program. To program the Corvette simply press the desired command followed by a time interval number. The only exception to this is the Light command which simply turns the headlights on or off. Between forward and reverse commands a stop command must be given. When you are finished programming press the Go button. The engine will idle for five seconds before commencing with the programmed instructions.

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