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The 40 Year Old Virgin was released in theaters in 2005. It starred Saturday Night Live verteran Steve Carell as Andy Stitzer. Other major figures include Andy's friends David, Jay, and Cal, and his love interest Trish. David is played by Paul Rudd, who previously appeared in Anchorman, and Friends. Seth Rogan plays Cal. He was the camera man in Anchorman, and also had a part in You Me and Dupree. Jay is played by Romany Malco. He has a role in Blades of Glory. Catherine Keener plays Trish. She appearned in Death to Smoochy and Being John Malkovich.

Like most comedies, the plot is pretty thin. Basically it chronicles Andy's escapades in trying to get laid.

In 2005, Playground Maniacs produced an 8" talking Andy statue. He is ready for action, wearing only his trusty boxer shorts and half shaved chest. Pushing the button on his base makes him say one of 11 quotes from the film.

Andy is an avid toy collector, and thus it is fitting that he be immortalized in plastic. In his plastic form he can collect micro figures like Mighty Max.

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