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Ojamajo DoReMi Archive

Ban Dai produced a series of action figures based on Ojamajo DoReMi or Magical DoReMi as it is known in the states.

  • 10" Musical Dorie Goodwyn
  • 10" Musical Mirabelle Haywoord
  • 10" Musical Reanne Griffith
  • 4.5" Witchling Caitlyn Goodwyn
  • 4.5" Witchling Dorie Goodwyn
  • 4.5" Dorie with Winter Outfit
  • 4.5" Witchling Ellie Craft
  • 4.5" Witchling Mirabelle Haywood
  • 4.5" Witchling Reanne Griffith
  • 3" Magical Caitlyn Goodwyn, Everyday Caitlyn, Dorie the Dog, and Feradagio
  • 3" Magical Dorie, Everyday Dorie, Caitlyn, and Dodo the Fairy
  • 3" Magical Ellie, Everyday Ellie, Patina the Green Blob, and He He the Fairy
  • 3" Magical Mirabelle, Everyday Mirabelle, MiMi the Fairy, and Laralie the fairy
  • 3" Magical Reanne, Everyday Reanna, Patina the Green Blob, and RaeRae the Fairy

Role Play accessories
  • Dorie Broom Hat and Apron
  • Ellie Broom Hat and Apron
  • Mirabelle Broom Hat and Apron
  • Reanna Broom Hat and Apron
  • Electronic Dreamspinner
  • Magical Wandaler
  • Wandawhirl

  • Akuma No Onpu-Chan PVC statue by Organic USA

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