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tomy omnibot 2000 box front view
In the mid 1980s Tomy released a series of robots. The largest was known as Omnibot 2000. It stood at an imposing 25" tall. It was the most advanced commercially available robot of its time, and rivals modern robots such as the Robosapien. It featured a tape deck that could store programs and play tapes, clock, working arms, and serving tray. You could also speak into the remote control and play it on the robot's speaker.

tomy omnibot 2000 3/4 view with remote control
A smaller version was released as Omnibot. A third robot in the series was called Verbot. It could be programmed to respond to voice commands that you spoke into a wireless microphone. Tomy produced many other smaller robots at the time. Some of these included Omni Sr., Omni Jr., and Dingbot.

Omnibot 2000 Box right side
Omnibot 2000 Box back
Omnibot 2000 Box left side
Omnibot 2000 front view
Omnibot 2000 3/4 view left side
Omnibot 2000 left side view
Omnibot 2000 3/4 view left rear
Omnibot 2000 back view
Omnibot 2000 3/4 view right rear
Omnibot 2000 right side view
Omnibot 2000 3/4 view right side
Omnibot 2000 tape deck
Omnibot 2000 tray
Omnibot 2000 battery compartment
Omnibot 2000 homing stand
Omnibot 2000 styrofoam back
Omnibot 2000 styrofoam back rear
Omnibot 2000 styrofoam front
Omnibot 2000 styrofoam front rear
tomy verbot front view
tomy verbot 3/4 view

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