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A long time ago on the planet Glowgon there was a great wizard named Nilrem. Through his wisdom and power he kept peace in all of the land. Raidy was Nilrem’s best pupil, but his powers were far inferior to his teacher. When Nilrem passed away Raidy became king of Glowgon. Although he tried his best, he was unable to keep the forces evil in check. Soon evil spread throughout many parts of the land. The evil minions of Zendo conquered many kingdoms and enslaved the people. The situation was quickly getting out of control.

In his studies Raidy heard of an ancient object called the Pir’Ankus. The legend said that it would give its possessor immense power. Raidy hoped that this would allow him to restore peace to Glowgon. The Pir’Ankus consists of many pieces that were scattered across the land. He immediately sent his forces to retrieve the pieces. They were able to find all of the pieces except one. Ronin discovers the last piece in a cave in the valley of the Lost Steps. Will he make it back to Raidy’s kingdom alive?

The Good Terrans

Ronin: The Hero

Ronin: The Hero and Kreena: The Princess MOC

Ronin: The Hero and Kreena: The Princess Loose

Raidy: King of the Jipps

Jipps: Protectors of the Pir'Ankus

General Ess Gee: The Commander MOC

Warrior Jurka: The Enforcer MOC

Raidy and Jurka Loose

Kamaro: Roaring Guardian of the Jipps MIB

Kamaro: Roaring Guardian of the Jipps Loose

Fighting Terrans

Gaifand: 2 Headed Dragon Loose

The Evil Glowgons

Zendo: Evil King of the Mogs MOC

Mogs: Zendo's Mindless Drones

Hondu: The Hatchetman MOC

Zendo and Hondu Loose

Skitzo: The Maniac MOC

Skitzo and Weapon Master: Zendo's Defender Loose

Weapons Rack

Special thanks to Macmarauder for the Picture of Lava-Man MOC
Lava-Man: The Cave Creature MOC

Lava-Man: The Cave Creature Loose

Froggacuda: Monster of Red Lake Loose

Yurus: The Terrible Loose

Antor: The Stinger Loose

Sir'Cobra: The Strangler Loose

Moc: The Rock Thrower Loose

Sharkoss: Daring Demon of the Deep MIB

Sharkoss Loose

Fighting Glowgons

Kontory: Flying Beast of Prey Loose

Castle Zendo Front Loose

Castle Zendo Back Loose

These toys were made by Arco in 1983.

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