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Bucky O'Hare

The evil toad empire has conquered the galaxy. A band of rebels lead by Captain Bucky O’Hare fight against the cold blooded menace. Can his patchwork crew of creatures stay one hyper jump in front of the toads or will they croak in their icy grip?

The Good Guys

A.F.C. Blinky, Bruiser, Willy DuWitt, Buckey O'Hare, Dead-Eye Duck, Commander Dogstar

The Toad Croaker

The Bad Guys

Al Negator, Toadborg, Toad Air Marshall, Storm Toad Trooper

The Double Bubble

Special thanks to an anonymous viewer who corrected me on the names.

Unproduced Second Series

Bucky in Pilot Suit


Rumble Bee

Pit Stop Pete

Rightious Indigniation

Battle Bucket

Twin Turbo Toad Terror (WWII Plane)

Kamikazi Kamo

Sly Leezard

Total Terror Toad

T.O.A.D. Bomber

This series was produced by Hasbro in 1991. It tied into a cartoon of the same name.

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