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Over the years all sorts of Peter Pan toys have been produced. Two of the more recent series are Hook and Foxs_Peter_Pan and the Pirates. Most recently Character Direct Limited manufactured a series of figures and playsets for the release of Walt Disney's Peter Pan on DVD. They were released in 2006 and titled Peter Pan Pirates Heroes.

Incomplete checklist
  • Hook
  • Pirate 1
  • Pirate 2
  • Skeleton Pirate 1
  • Skeleton Pirate 2
  • Wendy and Pirate
  • Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and Pirate
  • Hook (in overcoat) and Smee
  • Hook and Crocodile
  • Skull Rock Pirate Adventure Black
  • Skull Rock Pirate Adventure Grey
  • Indian Chief Camp
  • Jolly Roger Pirate Galleon with Peter Pan and Pirates

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