Virtual Toy Chest's
Police Academy Archive

These toys were made by Kenner in 1989.

Carey Mahoney
and Samson Dog

Larvell Jones
and Bullhorn Loose

and Police Skateboard

Moses Hightower
and Meter Reader Scooter Loose

Eugene Tackleberry
and Armed Flak Vest No Pic

Mr. Sleaze
with Foofoo Dog

with Mouser Cat Loose

Numbskull with Smashing Helmets No Pic

Capt. Harris
with Bug-Eye Binoculars

Back of Card

Crash Cycle

Crash Cycle Back of Box

Crazy Cruiser No Pic

The Precint
Police Station Front

The Precint
Police Station Open Side

The Precint
Police Station Back

The Precint
Police Station Side

Undercover Carey Mahoney
with Hoodlum Disguise and Sonic Boom Box

S.W.A.T. Eugene Tackleberry
with Fistzooka

Karate Larvell Jones
with Kicker Pack

Sky Glidin' Zed
with Hang Glider

Stakeout Sweetchuck
with Hide Rant

with Thief-Trap Safe

Flung Hi
with Crazy Karate Gear

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