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This puzzle was made by Binary Arts in 1992. The objective is to fill all of the slots with balls of the appropriate color, as pictured on the loose puzzles. Back-Spin has two faces, front and back, hence the former part of its name. There is one empty space in the puzzle. A ball from the opposite face can be put into the empty space. This can be thought of as swapping the position of the ball and the empty space. The puzzle rotates about the center of the disc allowing you to align the empty space with any of the regions on the opposite face. Back-Spin acquired the second part of its name from its rotation. It was later rereleased as xex Loophole.

Back-Spin in Package
back-spin puzzle front of box

back-spin puzzle back of box

Back-Spin in Package
back-spin puzzle loose

back-spin puzzle loose back

xex LoopHole in Package
xex loophole puzzle front of box

xex loophole puzzle front flap

xex loophole puzzle in box

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