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The world is threatened by the evil Skull Squadron. To combat this threat an international air force consisting of the greatest planes and pilots of all time is assembled. They are the Ring Raiders. Stationed on the Air Carrier Justice, they travel through time to protecting goodness and justice.

Series 1

Ring Raiders

Victor Wing: Ring Commander Vector

Hero Wing: Commander 'Cub' Jones

Valor Wing: Commander Yakamura in Samurai Flier

Skull Squadron

Ambush Wing: Skull Leader Scorch in Scorch's Torch

Bandit Wing: Skull Leader Chiller

Vulture Wing: Skull Leader Wraither in Galloping Ghost

Back of Card

Air Carrier Justice

Skybase Courage

Skybase Freedom

Skull Squadron Mobile Base

Wing Commanders Series

Air Award Series

Ring Commander Vector with Battle Blaster

Skull Leader Scorch with Battle Blaster

Wing Command Display Stand

Ring of Fire Video

Series 2

Ring Raiders

Rescue Wing: Commander Thundercloud in Arrowhead

Freedom Wing: Commander Kirkov in Kirkov's Commet

Bravery Wing: Commander Miles in Knight Fighter

Skull Squadron

Havoc Wing: Skull Leader Blackjack

Vicious Wing: Skull Leader Mako

Rebel Wing: Skull Leader Hubbub

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These toys were made by Matchbox in 1988.

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