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Robotix were a modular motorized building system that was made by Milton Bradley from 1984 through 1986. Unlike most construction toys, Robotix featured full fledged action figures.

A cartoon was released that was shown in the same block of programming as Big Foot. A comic book was also produced.

Argus was later sold at Radio Shack as R-4000. At some point in the late 80s or 90s the series was purchased by another company and new sets were released. These included new parts and features such as a wireless remote control.

Main Sets
  • R-1000 Venturak
  • R-1100 Tyrannix
  • R-1500 Bront
  • R-2000 Argus

Small Sets

Not cataloged at this time

  • R-120 Beam Arms and Connectors
  • R-230 Mobile Controller
  • R-340 Command Station and Accessories
  • R-450 Motorized Winch and Jaws
  • R-560 Motors and Cables
  • R-670 Support Platform and Wheels

Modern sets

(Partial List)
  • Crocosaur
  • Desert Rover
  • G-Rex
  • Mission Hub
  • Space Copter
  • Stealth Surveyor Speeder
  • Volcanic Crawler
  • 1000 (Venturak)
  • 2000 (Bront)
  • 4000 (Argus)
  • 5000 Robot Commander

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