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Rock Lords was a Go-Bots spin-off made by Tonka starting in 1986. The Rock Lords were imported from Bandai's Machine Robo "Ganseki Chojin" sub-line. There were "good guys" (led by Boulder) and "bad guys" (led by Magmar). The tagline associated with these toys was "Powerful living rocks!".

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    Good Rock Lords

    Boulder (Japan: Battle Rock)

    Rock Type:Tungsten

    Bio: "Brave and wise with an awesome physique, Boulder leads the defense of Quartex against Magmar's villainous plots. Boulder has rallied the remaining free kingdoms of the planet under his leadership. His fiery temper strikes fear into friend and foe alike. In the heart of the battle, he scatters enemies with stungun blasts and zaps them with his Power Sword."

    Nuggit (Japan: Mecha Rock)

    Rock Type:Gold

    Bio: "Though he's a robot, Nuggit is worth his weight in gold! He's smaller than the other rock warriors but brave and bold beyond his size. Nuggit is very proud of his shiny finish. Nuggits Tri-Gun does triple duty: the top barrel hypnotizes; the second barrel paralyzes; the third barrel revives the unlucky victim for questioning."

    Granite (Japan: Guts Rock)

    Rock Type:Silver

    Bio: "A happy-go-lucky rock with a ready laugh, Granite is truly a "gentle giant". But put him in the thick of the fight and he's one of the most fearsome combatants on the battlefield. Despite its ordinary appearance, the T-Gun's shiny bullets will pierce anything and that's enough to send any evil rock running for cover!"

    Marbles (Japan: Mask Rock)

    In the movie he has psychic powers.

    Crackpot (Japan: Cross Rock)

    Rock Type:Azurite

    Bio: "Crackpot's name describes his personality-slightly goofy. The other warriors give him a hard time about his crazy notions but Crackpot can think of good idea's that save them from a jam. His magnetic pulse ray "attracts" bad rocks and turns them into magnetic heaps!"

    Pulver Eyes (Japan: evil Sand Rock)

    Rock Type:Dolmite

    Bio: "Pulver-Eyes is a resourceful and strong with a reputation for snacking on rocks of all shapes and sizes. When it comes to a fight, his temper is fierce but he's quick to forgive and forget. Pulver-Eyes uses The Arrestor to latch on to enemies and reel them in."

    Jewel Lords

    Solitaire (Japan: Diamond Man)

    Rock Type:Diamond

    Bio: A sparkling warrior who crushes evil. Possesses a healing power.


    Rock Type: Ruby (Japan: Ruby Man)

    Bio: Hot-blooded crimson fighter.


    Rock Type: Amber (Japan: Amber Man)

    Bio: Wild loner who loves nature. The Rockasaurs will do his bidding.

    Fossil Lords

    • Jaw Bone (Japan: Header)
    • Rib Cage (Japan: Abarar)
    • Hip Bone (Japan: Leggar)
    • Tail Bone (Japan: Taildar)
    • All four combine to form the Fossilsaurus (Japan: Gattai Saurer).

    Action Shock Rocks
    • Rock Roller: Revved up and ready to roll
    • Stun Stone: Bowls 'em over
    • Blast Rock: Blasts his way through the baddies

    Evil Rock Lords Magmar (Japan: Devil Rock)

    Rock Type:Igneous

    Bio: "Magmar is the most cunning and evil-minded of the Rock Lords. His domineering personality and physical strength make him a fearful presence to all but the most brave. Magmar lives to conquer the rock planet Quartex. His favorite activity is combat. Wielding his Ax-Rifle with deadly accuracy, he assaults foes scattering rocks and pebbles as he goes."

    Tombstone (Japan: Geiger Rock)

    Rock Type:Quartz

    Bio: "Tombstone lives to fight. This evil warrior cares about only one thing: destroying good rocks! The last thing Tombstone wants to hear about this peace. A good battle will make his day as he rushes heedlessly at the enemy swinging The Reaper wildly and laughing at his foes as they retreat from the twirling scythe."

    Sticks 'N Stones (Japan: Double Rock)

    Rock Type:Anthracite (aka coal) and Magnetite

    Bio: "Sticks 'n Stones are living proof that two heads are worse than one. They're constantly at odds with each other. But give them a single purpose-destroying good rocks-and they become an awesome fighting force. The very sight of them charging into battle with their Cactus Club and Double Duty mace is enough to send enemies flying home!"

    Stoneheart (Japan: Amazon Rock)

    Rock Type:Slate

    Bio: "Stoneheart is the largest and cruelest of the evil rock warriors. He takes special delight in teasing his enemies before defeating them. Extremely unpredictable, Stoneheart's first loyalty is to himself and even Magmar thinks twice about crossing him. Stoneheart fights like a raging beast, his Slam Ray hammering foes into rubble."

    Brimstone (Japan: Bloody Rock)

    Rock Type:Brimstone

    Bio: "Brimstone's scheming intellect makes him a deadly foe. Brimstone is always ready to step in for Magmar and take command. Brandishing The Torcher, his flame throwing weapon, he laughs wickedly as he charges fearlessly into battle."

    Slimestone (Japan: good Magna Rock)

    Rock Type:Silver

    Bio: "Slimestone is a rock warrior with a different personality. Short, squat, and disgustingly sinister, Slimestone enjoys wallowing in pools of boiling oil. Slimestone delights in using his slimegun to smear enemies with evil-smelling sticky stuff that's impossible to get off!"

    Saber Stone

    Spear Head

    Action Shock Rocks
    • Rock Shot: Thrower-arm knocks 'em cold
    • Stone Hook: Powered hook reels in victims
    • Dragonstone: Makes things hot for his foes


    Like the Rock Lords, dinosaurs also appear in the movie. However, the dinosaurs in the movie were never made into toys. Only two were released.

    Terra-Roc (Japan: Rockgiran)

    A pterodactyl type dinosaur

    "Among the hazards of the planet Quratex are Rockasaurs. Both good and evil Rock Lords must be on their guard when traveling in the wilderness. The large rock they stumble over might change into Terra-Roc! This winged menace soars through the air spreading fear and terror with his piercing cries warning everyone to "Look out below!"."

    Spike Stone (Japan: Rockdon)

    A triceratops type dinosaur

    "Spike Stone and other Rockasaurs roam the land showing no favor to either good or evil rock warriors. Rockasaurs guard their territory jealously attacking all who are foolish enough to challenge their might! When Spike Stone changes from rock to beast, he becomes a menacing monster!"

    The Narlies

    The furry animals companions to the Rock Lords. They are depicted in the movie as both good and evil. There were eight released altogether, along with the Snarlie. The toys would move their mouths opened and closed as they were pushed forward.
    • Narliphant (good)
    • Narlihog (good)
    • Narlizard (evil)
    • Narligator (evil)
    • Narlibaboon (evil)
    • Narlirhino (evil)
    • Narlilion (evil)
    • Narlibat (evil)
    • Snarlie Narlie (Narlibull): King of the Narlies.

    • Stone Wing (Japan: Rock Commander)

    Changes from jet fighter to land vehicle.

    • Rock Pot

    Three-wheeler vehicle

  • The following pictures from the collection of Anthony Lindgren. He had the great fortune of rediscovering toys as an adult. While recuperating in the hospital after a motorcycle accident he saw The Transformers on T.V. and was hooked. It did not take long for him to go to the toy store to pick up his favorite characters. Once he was there, he saw all of the great toy series and he set out to buy all of the stuff he could find. Before long he had amassed an amazing collection. Sadly all was not well. Although he would recover from the motorcycle accident, he contracted H.I.V. from a transfusion. In the early 90s he developed A.I.D.S. After many difficult years, he lost his battle with the disease. His wife wanted to share his love of these toys with you, so she gave us these pictures of his collection.
    Tonka Rock Lords Terra Roc and Spike Stone MIB
    Tonka Rock Lords Terra Roc and Spike Stone back of box
    Tonka Rock Lords Terra Roc and Spike Stone bottom of box
    Tonka Rock Lords Terra Roc and Spike Stone open boxes

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