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Enter the world of Rocks Bugs and Things, a place of unspeakable horror in which viscious rocks and evil bugs lurk around every corner. These fierce creatures of the night no longer let dawn stop their bloodthirst. Now they hunt their pray at all hours, devouring everything in their path. The poor little mordles don't stand a chance.

These toys were made by Ideal, which was a Division of CBS Toys, in 1985.

Rockadile Rock Open

Trapasaurus Rock No. 48299

Trapasaurus Rock Open

Bloodstone Rock No. 48300

Bloodstone Rock Open

Shriekbeak Rock No. 48301

Shriekbeak Rock Open

Rockadile Rock No. 48302

Rockadile Rock Open

Gravelguts Rock No. 48303

Gravelguts Rock Open


Terrorantula No. 48305

Terrorantula Open

Evil Beetle No. 48306

Evil Beetle Open

Wicked Cricket No. 48307

Wicked Cricket Open

Blooderfly No. 48308

Blooderfly Open

Scarepion No. 48309

Scarepion Open

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