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Savage Mondo Blitzers Archive

The Savage Mondo Blitzers were released by Kenner in 1992. They were a wacky combination of micro machines and punk figures.

  • Damaged and Deadly Gang - Blood Hockey, Mr. Mutator Head, Chop Chop, Head Alert
  • The Dudes of Disaster - Bad Fart, Blade Invader, Killer Kommando, Twin Geeks
  • The Butt Kickers - Snot Shot, Secret Weapon, Gun Runner, Cleat Meat
  • The Chunk Blowers - Tyrannosaurus Ax, Loaded Diaper, Direct Hit, Big Hans
  • The Skull Crunchers - Fat Ax, Pork Chopper, Bad to the Bone, Roach Kill
  • Concrete Breakfast Gang - Metal Head, Shark Bait, Knight to Dismember, and Barf Bucket
  • Scars and Spikes Gang - Kiss My Bat, Aping Wound, Lug Nut, Eye Pus
  • The Sewer Surfers - Numb Chuck, Robozooka, Bad Audience, Butterfly Gone Bad
  • Brains Not Included -
  • Puke Shooters Gang -
  • Crazy 8 set with Lightning Launcher

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