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Sgt. Rock toys were produced by Remco in the early 1980s and losely based on the D.C. comics series of the same name. There were two scales produced, 3 3/4" and 5". The 3 3/4" featured a wider variety of figure releases, as well as vehicles and playsets. Enemy figures would later be produced under their own heading, "The Bad Guys", most of which were merely recolored Sgt. Rock toys. The 5" scale action figures were similar in style to Mattel's Masters of the Universe toys.

Toy Features

The first releases of the Sgt. Rock action figures included kid-sized plastic "dog tags", each with a random serial number printed on a label. Kids could fill out their own name and other information on the label's blank lines.

Each 3 3/4" action figure had the same articulation, swivel neck, poseable shoulders, hips, and knees. Many of the figures used the same body mold with assorted head sculpts, including Sgt. Rock himself. Later releases saw some new molds introduced, including short sleeved arms, sleeveless arms and bare chests. Open pant pockets were a built in feature on many of the torsos, allowing kids to attach small entrenching shovels, knifes and walkie-talkies to the figures.


With the exception of Sgt. Rock himself, most the action figures were released under generic names as simply "Marine", "Ranger", and "Medic". The recurring characters from Sgt. Rock's Easy Company in D.C. Comics did not appear. Rock himself differed somewhat from his usual comic book attire, where he was often drawn wearing a short-sleeved or sleevless shirt and ammo belts, the action figure wore a long-sleeved shirt and no ammo belts.

Despite the fact the Sgt. Rock comic took place during World War 2, Remco including noticable post-war items. Among them were M-16 assualt rifles and helicopter gunships.

In the comic books, Sgt. Rock usually fought the Axis powers, primarily the Germans. For whatever reasons, Remco chose to create a new enemy for the toy series. Sold on their own packaging as "The Bad Guys: the Ultimate Enemy", Remco's packaging pitched them as foes of Sgt. Rock, G.I. Joe, M.A.S.H. (who were non-combatants!) and "all mini action soldiers". The toys were almost entirely recolored Sgt. Rock products, but did not include kid-scale dog tags. The Bad Guys' logo featured a black and yellow cobra snake, an obvious attempt to connect to G.I.JOE: A Real American Hero's arch-enemy Cobra.

Some Sgt. Rock accessories and vehicles would later be recolored and reused by Remco for their American Defense series, such as the attack helicoper, jeep and a modified version of the river raft.

Years later, Hasbro would produce comic-book accurate versions of Sgt. Rock and his Easy Company in 12" inch scale under their G.I.Joe brand.

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