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Six Million Dollar Man Archive

In 1975 Kenner released a series of 12" figures based on the Six Million Dollar Man. (He is dated 1973, as his body was reused.)

  • Colonel Steve Austin The Bionic Man
  • The Bionic Man with Bionic Grip
  • The Bionic Man with Biosonic Arm
  • Oscar Goldman
  • Critical Assignment Arms
  • Critical Assignment Legs
  • Mission to Mars
  • Test Flight at 75,000 Ft.
  • O.S.I. Undercover Agent
  • Back Pack Radio
  • Porta-Communicator
  • Bionic Missioon Vehicle
  • Bionic Cycle
  • Dual Launch Drag Set
  • Tower and Cycle Set
  • Bionic Transport and Repair Station
  • Mission Control Center
  • O.S.I. Headquarters
  • Maskatron
  • Dr. Kromedome
  • Bionic Bigfoot
  • Venus Space Probe

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