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capsela spacelink cosmic shuttle front of box

SpaceLink were made by Play-Jour, Inc. in 1986. They were part of their Capsela series of building toys. Unlike other Capsela sets, SpaceLink came with small action figures, and Police Fire and Medical units. Although they did feature pull back motors, they did not come with any of the other motors or gears from other Capsela toys.

Cosmic Shuttle top of box
capsela spacelink patrol craft front of box
Patrol Craft top of box
capsela spacelink Missile Robotic front of box
Missile Robotic top of box
capsela spacelink back of box

  • Orbit Runner no. 315
  • Sky Runner no. 330
  • Defense Chaser no. 345
  • Alert Chaser no. 360
  • Police Cruiser no. 610
  • Space Hawk no. 805
  • Rocketron no. 835
  • Alert Rover no. 620
  • Fire Fighter no. 630
  • Cosmic Prober no. 640
  • Patrol Craft no.650
  • Cosmic Shuttle no. 820
  • Missile Robotic no. 850
  • Task Force no. 660
  • Orbital Alert Station no. 690
  • Orbital Command Station no. 895

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