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Space Precinct Archive

A line of toys based on Gerry Anderson's Space Precinct was released in 1994.

  • Captain Podly
  • Cyborg
  • Lt. Brogan with Jacket
  • Lt. Brogan
  • Morgo
  • Officer Castle
  • Officer Haldane
  • Officer Orrin
  • Officer Took
  • Sgt. Fredo
  • Slomo
  • Snake
  • Police Bike
  • Police Cruiser

Space Precinct Sergeant Freedo
Sergeant Freedo
Space Precinct Officer Took
Officer Took
Space Precinct Lieutenant Patrick Brogan
Lieutenant Patrick Brogan
Space Precinct Officer Jane Castle
Officer Jane Castle
Space Precinct Officer Jack Haldane
Officer Jack Haldane
Space Precinct Officer Orrin
Officer Orrin
Space Precinct Snake

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