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Micro Machines Star Wars Archive

Throughout the 90s Galoob produced some great micro Star Wars toys. Two of their biggest series were the Action Fleet series of miniatures vehicles and figures and the micro playsets.

Death Star
Death Star





Cloud City

Rebel Transport

Royal Guard / Death Star II

TIE Fighter Pilot / Academy

Stormtrooper / Death Star

Boba Fett / Cloud City
Boba Fett / Cloud City

R2-D2 / Jabba's Dungeon

C-3PO / Mos Eisley Bar

Luke Skywalker / Hoth

Chewbacca / Endor

Darth Vader / Bespin

Yoda / Dagobah

Jabba the Hutt / Mos Eisley Space Port

Slave I / Tatoonie

Star Destroyer / Space Fortress

Luke's Binoculars / Yavin 4

Darth Vaders Light Saber


Yavin 4

Death Star

Giant Death Star Tatooine

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