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Black Military
AFK 1 Alpha Male

Green Military
AFK 2 Alpha Male

Tan Military
AFK 3 Alpha Male

Samurai Warrior
AFK 4 Alpha Male

Samurai Warrior with Katana

Samurai Warrior with Staff

Samurai Warrior with Gun

Samurai Warrior with Banner

Samurai Warrior with Bow

Samurai Warrior Box

Samurai Warrior Box Rear

AFK 5 Alpha Male

Firefighter with Axe

Firefighter with Chainsaw

Firefighter with Hose

Firefighter with Radio

Firefighter with Clippers

Firefighter Box

Firefighter Box Rear

Armored Knight with Stallion
AFK 6 Omega Male

Jousting Knight

Knight with Mace

Knight with Sword

Knight on Horse

Knight Box

Knight Box Rear

Delta Boy Extreme

Delta Boy Extreme on Scooter

Delta Boy Extreme on Rocket Board

Delta Boy Extreme on Snow Board

Delta Boy Extreme on Skis

Delta Boy Extreme on Roller Blades

Delta Boy Extreme Box

Delta Boy Extreme Box Rear

Mechana Segmented Robot

Mechana Segmented Robot

Meet Mechana Segmented Robot

Super Mechana Segmented Robot

Mechana Segmented Robot Vs. Teddy Bear

Halt Mechana Segmented Robot

Mechana Segmented Robot Box

Mechana Segmented Robot Box Rear

Dragon with Beta Female Rider

Alpha K-9 Police Unit
AFK 10

Warrior Monk
AFK 11 G2 Alpha Male

Warrior Monk with Fan

Warrior Monk with Bo

Warrior Monk with Yari

Warrior Monk with Knives

Warrior Monk with Staff

Warrior Monk Box

Warrior Monk Box Rear

Alpha with Motorcycle
AFK 12

Omega Male Military
AFK 13

Beta Safari with Jungle Cat
AFK 14

Omega Male Superhero
AFK 15

Alpha Male Phantom
AFK 16

Omega Male Supervillian
AFK 17

G2 Alpha Male Baseball White

G2 Alpha Male Baseball Grey

G2 Alpha Male Ninja Black

G2 Alpha Male Ninja Blue

Alpha Male Cowboy

Alpha Male Indian

These toys were made by Hasbro in 2002 to the present.

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