Virtual Toy Chest's
Stink Blasters Archive

B.O. Boys

Toe Jam Jimmy

Sweat Sox Sammy

Rotten Egg Reggie

B.O. Brian


Monster Mouth

Dog Breath Danny

Fish Mouth Fred

Lizzard Lips Lenny

Gasser Guys

Burpin' Buddy

Butt Breath Bob: no pic

The Master Blaster

The Silent Gasser

Nature Crew

Cow Pie Pete

Matty Manure

Pig Boy

Skunk Punk


Broccoli Bill

Cauliflower Carl

Garlic Gus

Blue Cheese Charlie

Stench Brothers

Tony Anchovie

Barfin' Ben

Porta Potty Paul

Garbage Truck Chuck

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These toys were made by MEG in 2002.

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