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Tired of the rigors of sumo training and the unnecessary rules, Champ Chodai and Two Tun left the Kyodai's Sumo Association. They came to America and created their own brand of sumo: Super Unbelievable Masters Of battle. Their new regemine consists of all you can eat buffets and take on all challengers tournaments. The champs challenge their old Rivals from Japan in a Grand Tournament. Will their old rivals accept the challenge of S.U.M.O.?

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Champ Chodai
Kung Fu
Slam Fast
Mondo San
and others

These toys were made by Re-Play in 2001. The two deluxe figures had Rock'N Rumble action. The smaller figures (not pictured) had voice chips and would say phrases in Japanese and English. The figures were originally released on large cards. They were subsequently rereleased loose with a tag.

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