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Warriors of Symbion

"On the distant planet Symbion, a genetic experiment fails. Frightening changes take place that cannot be stopped. The result? A world where insects and arachnids grow to frightening proportions. A world where the inhabitants have taken on the awesome characteristics of insects and arachnids. Where the Shining Realm of Prosperon is locked in mortal combat with the Dark Domain of Synax.

Telepathically bonded in combat, Sectaur Warriors join with their insect and arachnid companions in the ultimate battle for survival."


Warrior Prince Dargon
and Parafly
A commando-equipped airborne warrior!
With his winged, glow-in-the-dark companion!

Dargon is Prosperon's mightiest hero! Specially equipped for lightning-fast missions, he risks his life for the safety of others. Dargon's winged ally Parafly grasps the Prince, flaps his powerful wings and carries the Prince into the action! Both Dargon's antennae and Parafly glow with an ultraviolet light that makes them invisible to enemies.

Night-vision Trinoculars
Venom-shooting Vengun with flash-suppressor
Commando dagger
Twin calf-holsters

Warrior Prince Dargon
and DragonFlyer
Warrior-Prince of Prosperon-Symbion's bravest hero!
With his fearless flying steed!

Dargon is Prosperon's mightiest hero. He is brash, bold and resourceful. His strength is legendary. When surrounded by enemies, Dargon's faithful steed Dragonflyer is always there to help finish the fight! Dargon is dedicated to defending good-and to defeating the evil Spidrax. His greatest quest is the relentless search for Symbion's biocontrol Hyve. Will Dargon and Dragonflyer triumph over evil.?

Removable weapons bag
2 venom-shooting Vengun pistols with holsters
Skall-piercing Slazor
Double-edged broadsword
Battle Shield

Weapons Expert Pinsor
and Battle Beetle
Dargon's fiercest friend and most powerful weapons expert!
With his hot-tempered, high-strung land steed!

Pinsor is Prosperon's most powerful weapons expert. His favorite pastime is arm wrestling-a sport at which he's never been beaten. Fiercely obedient to Prince Dargon, Pinsor is the only warrior on Symbion who can control the restless Battle-beetle. With his crushing claws and high-strung energy, Battle-Beetle can power his way through the toughest obstacle!

Removable weapons-belt
Vengun pistol
Armor-piercing battle-axe
Arched sword
Heavy-duty shield of Skall

Martial Arts Expert Mantor
and Raplor
Unmatched expert of the martial arts, skilled in the wisdom of the Ancients!
With his cliff-climbing escape artist!

Cunning Zak
and Bitaur
A fun-loving hero with quick fists and an even quicker wit!
And-the war beast with jaws of iron!

Zak fears nothing and bows to no one-except his friend and leader, Dargon. With his deadly Vengun and rapid-firing Slazor, Zak is the fastest and most feared marksman of Prosperon. Bitaur, Zak's hot-tempered companion, is never far form his master's side in battle. Only Zak can stop Bitaur's deadly jaws once the fighting begins!

Venom-shooting Vengun
Skall-piercing Slazor submachine-gun with strap
Strap-on holster
Heavy-duty battle shield of tempered Skall

The Hyve
with Naurr and Vypex

The Hyve
with Naurr and Vypex

The Citadel of the Ancients!

A forbidden fortress filled with the wisdom and mysteries of a ruined Civilization. Danger awaits the unwitting-and the uninvited.


General Spidrax
and SpiderFlyer

Lord of evil-master of Synax's mighty armies!
With his winged spider!

Commander Waspax
and Wingid
The ruthless, spit-and-polish elite-corps-commander loyal to Spidrax!
With his lightning-quick bodyguard!

and Trancula
A night-fighting bushwhacker-trained in the art of ambush!
With his vile & deadly partner-in-darkness!

Scheming Skito
and Toxcid
A greedy schemer even Spidrax can't trust!
With his venom-squirting companion-in-crime!

Venom-shooting Vengun
Rapier (sword)
Combination holster & scabbard
Heavy-duty battle shield of tempered Skall


These toys were made by Coleco in 1984. In addition to the mini comics that came with the figures, Marvel Comics produced a series of comics.

Characters from the Marvel Comics
Duchess Belana (Shining Realm)
Empress Devora (Dark Domain)
Regent Galken (Shining Realm)
Gnatseye w/Jumpaur (Shining Realm)
King Markor (Shining Realm)
Scorpia (Dark Domain)
Senrad (Dark Domain)
Slikk (Shining Realm)
Stellara (Shining Realm)

Special thanks to Patrick Jackson for compiling the information on this series.

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