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Virtual Toy Chest's
Star Fleet Defender Archive

These figures were made by AHI of New York in 1977. They were produced in Hong Kong when it was still a British Colony. The figures are approximately 4" tall. They have joints at the knees, hips, shoulders, and a ball joint at the neck. With their spring loaded 'rocket' fists they can give the late 70s Popy toys a run for their money. Although their quality is not top notch, in the day you could probably pick up a dozen of these for the price of a single Popy toy. So these figures would win hands down just based on numbers. The figures are made out of die-cast metal and are coated with what appears to be enamel paint. The arms, fists, and head are made of plastic.

Special thanks to Countsmurfula who provided the pictures and information about this series.

Figures on Card

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