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In 1985 Worlds of Wonder (WOW) created Teddy Ruxpin, the first talking interactive teddy bear. A cartoon was also released called the Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin.

After the demise of WOW, Playskool produced Teddy Ruxpin toys through the late 80s. In the late 90s, YES! Entertainment rereleased Teddy Ruxpin. Sadly, it was short lived. Most recently Backpack Toys created a digital version of Teddy Ruxpin in 2005. It is still readily available online.

In addition to Teddy, an animatronic version of Grubby was also produced. More than 40 books and tapes were produced. Several out fits were made for each character.

Teddy's Outfits
  • Beach
  • Flight Suit
  • Hiking
  • MD
  • Parka
  • PJs
  • Rain Coat
  • Santa
  • Tuxedo
  • Workout

Grubby's Outfits
  • Hiking
  • PJs

Small posable figures
  • Airship
  • Bounder
  • Fob
  • Gimmik
  • Grubby
  • Grunge
  • Gutang
  • Mud Blup
  • Teddy
  • Tweeg
  • Wooly What's It

Incomplete Burger King kids meal toys
  • Teddy Ruxpin
  • Bounder
  • Gutang
  • Tweeg

Various other items were produced
  • Telephone
  • Boardgame
  • Night Light
  • Lunchbox
  • Backpack
  • Sheets
  • Jig Saw Puzzles

The following pictures from the collection of Anthony Lindgren. He had the great fortune of rediscovering toys as an adult. While recuperating in the hospital after a motorcycle accident he saw The Transformers on T.V. and was hooked. It did not take long for him to go to the toy store to pick up his favorite characters. Once he was there, he saw all of the great toy series and he set out to buy all of the stuff he could find. Before long he had amassed an amazing collection. Sadly all was not well. Although he would recover from the motorcycle accident, he contracted H.I.V. from a transfusion. In the early 90s he developed A.I.D.S. After many difficult years, he lost his battle with the disease. His wife wanted to share his love of these toys with you, so she gave us these pictures of his collection.
Teddy Ruxpin Airship MIB

Teddy Ruxpin Airship 3/4 view

Teddy Ruxpin Airship back of box
Teddy Ruxpin
Teddy Ruxpin MOC
Newton Gimmick
Teddy Ruxpin Bounder MOC
Wooly What's-It
Teddy Ruxpin Wooly What's-It MOC
Teddy Ruxpin Grunge MOC
back of card
Teddy Ruxpin Grunge back of card
Teddy Ruxpin Bounder MOC
Teddy Ruxpin Mudblup MOC
Teddy Ruxpin Bounder back of card
Teddy Ruxpin Fob MOC
Land of Grundo Map MIB
Teddy Ruxpin Land of Grundo Map MIB
Land of Grundo Map back of box
Teddy Ruxpin Land of Grundo Map back of box

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