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"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? THE SHADOW knows! Meet Lamont Cranston, billionaire playboy with mysterious mind control powers that allow him to transform into THE SHADOW, unseen defender of justice. Can THE SHADOW and his army of secret agents keep the streets safe from villains like Shiwan Khan and his evil henchmen? Only THE SHADOW knows!"

Transforming Lamont Cranston

Lightning Draw Shadow

Ambush Shadow

Ninja Shadow

Deluxe Electronic Bullet Proof Shadow

Nightmist Cycle

Mirage SX-100

Thunder Cab

Shiwan Khan

Battle Shiwan Khan

Dr. Mocquino

Mongol Warrior

Shiwan's Khans Serpent Bike

These toys were made by Kenner in 1994. They were the official toys of The Shadow motion picture. Lightning Draw Shadow was the best figure from the series. The Lamont Cranston, Ninja Shadow, Mongol, and Dr. Mocquino figures are good for customizing. The two cars are also outstanding.

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