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Enter the ocean world of Water-O. Its deep blue waters hide the evil forces of T-Ray and Captain Bizzarly. Together these masters of evil sail the high seas leaving a wake of destruction in their path. However, these evil pirates have met their match in the Tigersharks. They protect Water-O from evil in the SARK, an advanced submersible space ship. When its time for action the Tigersharks jump in the Fish Tank which transforms them from man to fish. With their aquatic abilities, Captain Bizzarly and his land lubbers are no match for the Tigersharks.

with Snap on Wrist Rocket

Doc Walro
with Gup and Fish Head Cane

with Lasso Gun and Holster

with Aqua Pack (x strap) and Hose

with Aqua Pack (one shoulder strap) and Hose

with Battle Whip and Mask with Hose

Capt. Bizzarly
with Blunderbuss

Spike Marlin
with 'Grappler Spike'

Unproduced Items

The Sark
LJN Tigersharks The Sark Unproduced Prototype

Shark Hammer
LJN Tigersharks Shark Hammer Unproduced Prototype

Shark Tank Playset
LJN Tigersharks Shark Tank Playset Unproduced Prototype

LJN Tigersharks Dragonstein Unproduced Prototype

Saw Bill Cycle
LJN Tigersharks Saw Bill Cycle Unproduced Prototype

These toys were relaesed by LJN in 1987. They tied into a cartoon of the same name by Rankin and Bass. The figures were released in very small numbers. There are rumors that a shark vehicle was also made.

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