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Transformers Generation 1 Optimus Prime MIB

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Every once in a while a toy series comes along that catches the imagination of a generation. Transformers is one of those toy series. It successfully combined vehicles and action figures like never before. Robots from outer space transformed into cars and trucks. Everything about the series from the toys, to the cartoon just clicked.

Takara did a superb job of designing the toys. They felt like robots. They were metal and they transformed so mechanically. They had all the little details like rubber tires and chromed weapons that truly make them great. Hasbro did a great job packaging them. Although there was a window on the front of the box through which you could see the toy, the box also featured a drawing of the toy. The artwork on the back of the box was also classic. The space pictures were truly great. The packaging was rounded out with the futuristic Transformers logo and grid pattern. Then there was the setting and story. Few toy series have such great characters and story lines. These were brought to life through the file cards, cartoons, and comics.

One person who was touched by the Transformers was Anthony Lindgren. He had the great fortune of rediscovering toys as an adult. While recuperating in the hospital after a motorcycle accident he saw The Transformers on T.V. and was hooked. It did not take long for him to go to the toy store to pick up his favorite characters. Once he was there, he saw all of the great toys and he set out to buy all of the Transformers stuff he could find. Before long he had amassed an amazing collection. Sadly all was not well. Although he would recover from the motorcycle accident, he contracted H.I.V. from a transfusion. In the early 90s he developed A.I.D.S. After many difficult years, he lost his battle with the disease. His wife wanted to share his love of these toys with you, so she gave us these pictures of his collection.

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