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The Planet Thundera is doomed. In the final moments before its destruction Jaga and the rest of the Thundercats escape in the Feliner. They set a course to a distant planet, New Thundera. During the journey the ship is attacked by Mutants. Jaga gives his own life to save the ship, however it is severly damaged. The ship is no longer capable to reach its destination. Lion-O's stasis capsue was also damaged in the battle. This causes him to age during the journey. The ship crash lands on Third Earth. Lion-O follows his Father, Jaga, to become lord of the Thundercats. As it turns out, the mutants also land on Third Earth. They soon encounter the evil wizard Mumm Ra. They join forces in an effort to steal the Sword of Omens. Can Lion-O and the rest of the Thundercats fend of this dual threat?


Lion-O: dark hair

Came with Sword of Omens, Claw, and secret power ring


Snarf PVC


Came with Nunchucks

Tygra: young

Tygra: adult

Came with Bola whip, and Wilykat PVC


Came with quarter staff, and Wilykit PVC


Came with Hoverboard


Came with Hoverboard

WilyKit and WileyKat pvcs


Came with Sword of Omens, Helmet, and Cape


Came with Shield

Ben Gali

Came with a Hammer


Came with Club

Vehicles and Playsets

Cats Lair: front

Cats Lair: back

Cats Lair: cannon

Cats Lair box: front

Cats Lair box: back

Cats Lair box: top

Feliner prototype: pic 1

Feliner prototype: pic 2

Feliner prototype: pic 3

Feliner prototype: pic 4

Feliner prototype: pic 5

Feliner prototype: pic 6

Thundertank: pic 1

Thundertank: pic 2


Thunderclaw box: front

Thunderclaw box: back

Thunderclaw box: side

Thunderclaw box: top


HoverCat box: front

HoverCat box: side

HoverCat box: top

Thunder Wings: NO PIC



Snowman of Hook Mountain

Came with Spear and Shield


Came with Helmet and Katana

Tuska Warrior

Came with Gattling Gun

Berbil Bill

Berbil Bert

Berbil Belle

Evil Mutants

Mumm Ra

Came with Sword, Dagger, Headdress, and Power ring

Mail Away Mummy version came with Staff

Ma Mutt

Ma Mutt PVC


Came with Halibard

Vulture Man

Came with Mancatcher


Came with Helmet and Morningstar


Came with Bandolier and Club


Came with two Sais


Came with Scythe

Vehicles and Playsets

Mumm-Ra's Tomb: front

Mumm-Ra's Tomb: back

Fist Pounder pic 1

Fist Pounder pic 2

Fist Pounder pic 3

Fist Pounder box: front

Fist Pounder box: back

Fist Pounder box: side

Fist Pounder box: top

Nose Diver

Nose Diver box: front

Nose Diver box: side

Nose Diver: top

Sky Cutter

Sky Cutter box: front

Sky Cutter box: back

Sky Cutter box: side

Sky Cutter box: top

Other Forces of Evil

Grune the Destroyer

Came with Brass Knuckles and Mace

Safari Joe

Safari Joe MOC

Came with Gattling Gun

Capt. Cracker

Came with Sword

Capt. Shiner

Came with Laser Pistol

Other Accessories

Luna Lasher box: front

Luna Lasher box: back

Luna Lasher box: top

Energy Pack

Red Eye

Luna Tracker



Ram Bam

Top Spinner


Quick Jaws

Cannon Blaster


The Driller

The Mad Bubbler: NO PIC

The Stinger


Tounge-A-Saurus: PIC 1

Tounge-A-Saurus: PIC 2

Tounge-A-Saurus box: front

Tounge-A-Saurus box: back

Tounge-A-Saurus box: top

Astral Moat Monster: PIC 1

Astral Moat Monster: PIC 2

Astral Moat Monster: PIC 3

Quick Jaws

Cannon Blaster

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